CS2610: Assembly Language Programming Lab

(Even Semester 2013)

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D2500 Atom Board

  1. For the Atom Board Test Report Click Here
  2. For the Specification of Atom Board Click Here


  1. Introduction to x86 Architecture Click Here

Lab exercise

  1. Matrix Multiplication : For the assembly program - Click Here.
    The objective of this assignment is to help you understand the basics of x86 architecture, Write an assembly code that takes in two matrices A10*20 and B20*30 in row-major form from the adresses 0-799 and 800-3199, and multiplies them, storing the resultant matrix C10*30 in memory location 3199-5199, also in row-major form. Use the following instructions: ADD,ADDC,IMUL,MOV rs,rd, MOV rs, [rd] , JMP,JNE

Lab Resources

  1. For a tutorial on x86 assembly language programming Refer this link Art of Assembly Language
  2. A tutorial on addressing modes and basic computer architecture will shortly follow