Project Details

S.No Title Mode Agency Duration ICSR Number Role Other Investigators Value
1 Soc verification Retainer Consultancy Atheros India LLC One Year, (July 2001 - July 2002) RC/01-02/CSE/431/ATHE/VKAM Chief Investigator None Rs. 3,00,000/=
2 Software Aspects for VLSI Design Sponsored New Faculty Scheme, IIT Madras One Year, (August 2002 - August 2003) CSE/01-02/047/NFSC/VKAM Chief Investigator None Rs. 1,00,000/=
3 Infrastructure Development for VLSI Lab Sponsored IIT Madras Alumni Association of North America One Year, (August 2002 - August 2003) CSE/02-03/046/ALUM/VKAM Chief Investigator None (USD 35000) Rs. 16,97,000/=
4 Infrastructure Development of Software Lab sponsored IIT Madras Alumni Association of North America One Year, (August 2003 - August 2004) CSE/02-03/050/ALUM/VKAM Chief Investigator None (USD 38000) Rs. 17,38,000/=
5 High Speed Architectures for Reconfigurable Systems Sponsored CAIR, DRDO One Year, (November 2003 - November 2004) - Chief Investigator None Rs. 4,65,000/=
6 A2 PG for SoC and Processor Core Verification Sponsored Intel Asia Electronics January 2003 - Ongoing CSE/02-03/049/IAEI/VKAM Chief Investigator None (USD 70000) Rs. 33,20,000/=
7 Application Specific Hardware Design Facility Sponsored FIST Scheme, Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. Five Years, (August 2003 - August 2008) CSE/03-04/053/DST/HOD Investigator Prof. S. V. Raghavan, Prof. S. Raman, Prof. C. Pandu Rangan and Prof. B. Yegnanarayana. Rs. 62,50,000/=
8 CAD for Reconfigurable Systems Sponsored Fast Track for Young Faculty, Department of Science and Technology, Government of India Three Years CSE/03-04/056/DST/VKAM Chief Investigator None Rs. 2,77,000/=
9 Modern Wireless and Security Systems for Department Computing Facility MODROB MHRD Two years CSE/03-04/059/MHRD/VKAM Chief Investigator S. Raman and S.V. Raghavan Rs. 15,00,000/=
10 Multi-modal Biometrics based secured access system using face and fingerprint recognizing Thrust Area MHRD Two years CSE/03-04/060/MHRD/SUKH Co-investigator Sukhendu Das (Principal Investigator) Rs. 20,00,000/=
11 Intelligent Reconfigurable Low-cost Robotics Lab Sponsored IIT Madras Alumni Association of North America Two Years CSE/05-06/067/ALUM/VKAM Chief Investigator B. Ravindran (USD 60000) Rs. 26,22,000/=
12 Development of models for low cost VLSI Design Sponsored Open-silicon Research Pvt. Ltd Two Years CSE/05-06/068/OSRP/VKAM Chief Investigator None Rs. 2,76,000/=
13 Minimalistic Object Oriented Linux Sponsored Department of Information Technology Three Years CSE/04-05/064/DITX/VKAM Co-investigator Dr. D. Janakiram (Principal Investigator), and Dr. Sukhendu Das Rs. 39,60,000/=
14 Generic Test Bed for Verification of Digital Designs Sponsored Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research One Years CSE/05-06/073/IGCA/VKAM Chief Investigator Shankar Balachandran Rs. 21,68,000/=
15 Packet processing Algorithms for hardware implementation Sponsored Defence Research and Development Organization Thirteen months CSE/06-07/081/DRDO/VKAM Chief Investigator None Rs. 9,60,000/=
16 Analysis, design and development of denial of service mitigation module (DMM) Sponsored National Technical Research Organization Eighteen months CSE/06-07/089/NTRO/SVRA Co-investigator Prof. S. V. Raghavan (Principal Investigator), and Dr. B. Ravindran Rs. 29,50,000/=
17 ATPG and diagnosis of DSM circuits Sponsored NXP Semiconductors, Netherlands Twenty four months CSE/06-07/085/NXPS/VKAM Chief Investigator None Rs. 8,00,000/=
18 Issues in Transactional Memory Sponsored Intel Technology Forty Eight months CSE/07-08/092/IAEI/VKAM Chief Investigator None Rs. 9,60,000/=
19 Microsoft Windows Technologies Lab Sponsored Microsoft Corporation (India) Pvt. Ltd Twenty Four Months CSE/07-08/091/MICR/TAGO Investigator Prof. T. A. Gonsalves (Principal Investigator), Dr. Devendra Jalihal, Dr. B. Ravindran, Dr. Hema Murthy, Dr. Shankar Balachandran Rs. 83,57,850/=
20 Simulation and Performance of Gigabit capable passive Optical network (G-PON) Sponsored DRDO Fourteen Months ELE/08-09/168/DRDO/RMAN Investigator R. Manivasakan (Principal Investigator) Rs. 9,96,000/=
21 Formal Equivalence Checking of Digital Designs Sponsored IGCAR Eighteen Months CSE/08-09/100/IGCA/VKAM Principal Investigator Nil Rs. 23,66,400/=
22 Development of Structural health monitoring for civil infrastructure using smart sensing technologies Sponsored National Programme on Micro and Smart Systems Three Years CIE/09-10/164/NPMA/AMHE Investigator Dr. A. Meher Prasad (Principal Investigator), Dr. M. S. Sivakumar, Dr. U. Saravanan, Dr. Sayan Gupta Rs. 2,31,52,000/=
23 Synthesizable Models of Digital Design using the India VLSI Design Flow Sponsored DRDO Twelve Months CSE/09-10/115/DRDO/VKAM Principal Investigator Nil Rs. 9,85,000/=
24 Graphics Processing Unit based Parallel Processing system for Radar based signal processing Sponsored DRDO Twelve Months CSE/10-11/126/DRDO/VKAM Principal Investigator Nil Rs. 9,90,000/=
25 Hardware Security Module (HSM) Software Proposal Research Based Industrial Consultancy Yalamanchilli Research Center Six Months RB/11-12/CSE/006/YALA/VKAM Principal Investigator Nil Rs. 36,00,000/=
26 Information Technology Consultant Retainer Consultancy Indian Overseas Bank Three Months RC/09-10/CSE/589/IOBX/VKAM Principal Investigator Nil Rs. 7,20,000/=
27 Instruction Set Design for a 31-bit RISC core Research Based Industrial Consultancy DRDO Twelve Months RB/12-13/CSE/002/DRDO/VKAM Principal Investigator Nil Rs. 9,82,800/=
28 Development of ARM Compatible Tablet Research Based Industrial Consultancy DRDO Twelve Months RB/12-13/CSE/003/DRDO/VKAM Principal Investigator Nil Rs. 9,90,000/=
29 Thermal Imaging Based Medical Analysis Sponsored Alumni Association Twelve Months CSE/12-13/135/ALUM/VKAM Principal Investigator Nil Rs. 13,35,000/=
30 Secure ANUPAMA Microcontroller Research Based Industrial Consultancy DRDO Twelve Months RB/12-13/CSE/007/DRDO/VKAM Principal Investigator Nil Rs. 21,55,000/=
31 Indigenous 64-bit Microprocessor Design Sponsored Research DRDO Five Years CSE/13-14/141/DRDO/VKAM Principal Investigator Nil Rs. 3,81,00,000/=
32 Development of an intelligent adaptive video monitoring and recording system Sponsored Research Department of Information Technology Three Years CSE/13-14/143/DITX/ANUA Co-Investigator Anurag Mittal, Department of Computer Scicence and Engineering Rs. 1,49,04,000/=
33 Design of Guidance, Navigation and Control for Geo-Stationary Positioning and Launch phase of Stratospheric Airship Sponsored Research DRDO Three Years ASE/13-14/125/DRDO/NANA Co-Investigator Dr. Nandan Kumar Sinha, Aerospace Engineering Rs. 87,54,000/=
34 Conservation and Retrofitting of Sri Kedarnath Temple at Uttarakandh Sponsored Research Archaeological Survey of India Eighteen Months CIE/13-14/217/ASIX/ARUM Co-Investigator Dr. Arun Menon (Principal Investigator), Dr. S.R. Gandhi, Dr. G.R. Dodagoudar, Dr. S.T.G. Raghukanth, Dr. V.B. Maji, Dr. A. Meher Prasad, Dr. Devdas Menon, Dr. K.N. Satyanarayana, Civil Engineering Rs. 66,84,000/=
35 Hardware related security and performance review Retainer Consultancy Tata Consultancy Service One Month RC/14-15/CSE/665/TATC/VKAM Principal Investigator Nil Rs. 2,00,000/=
36 AFDX Switch Architecture Research based Industrial Consultancy Research Center Imrat, DRDO Six Months RB/14-15/CSE/001/DRDO/VKAM Principal Investigator Nil Rs. 9,95,000/=
37 Interdisciplinary Laboratory for Data Sciences Sponsored Research IIT Madras Twenty Four Months CSE/14-15/831/RFTP/BRAV Co-Investigator B. Ravindran (Principal Investigator), Nandan Sudarshan, Rahul Marathe, Shankar Narasimhan, Sridharakumar Narasimhan, Neerav Bhat, Karthik K. Srinivasan, Geetha Krishnan Ramadurai, Shankar Balachandran, Sayan Ranu, Ramakrishna Pasumarthi, Karthik Raman Rs. 1,98,00,000/=
38 Computer Architecture Course Material CCE Programme ARM University Programme 01/03/2015 to 01/03/2016 CCE/CEP/04/VK/CSE/15-16 Principal Investigator Nil Rs. 2,87,883/=
39 Intel Galileo Courseware Development CCE Programme DRDO Headquarters, New Delhi 19/01/2015 to 28/02/2015 CCE/CEP/64/VK/CSE/14-15 Principal Investigator Nil Rs. 3,84,000/=
40 Preparatory Course on Information Security CCE Programme DRDO Headquarters, New Delhi 19/01/2015 to 28/02/2015 CCE/CEP/64/VK/CSE/14-15 Principal Coordinator None Rs. 3,84,000/-
41 Information Security and Awareness - Phase 2 CCE Programme Department of Information Technology, New Delhi Sixty Months CCE/CEP/22/VK&CP/CSE/14-15 Principal Investigator C. Pandu Rangan Rs. 3,44,68,000/=
42 IT Infrastructure Development for Star Health and Allied Insurance Company Pvt. Ltd RC Star Health and Allied Insurance Company Pvt. Ltd 12 months RC/16-17/CSE/706/SHAI/VKAM Principal Coordinator None Rs. 27,60,000/=
43 Analysis of Patents related to Mobile Phones RC Lava International Ltd 2 months RC/15-16/CSE/682/LAVA/VKAM Principal Coordinator None Rs. 1,71,000/=
44 Analysis of Patents related to Mobile Phones RC Telecare Networks India Pvt Ltd 2 months RC/16-17/CSE/718/TELA/VKAM Principal Coordinator None Rs. 2,50,000/=
45 Low Cost Semiconductor and Optical Sensors based Urban Air Quality Monitoring Network System (SensUrAir) Sponsored research Uchatar Avishkar Yojana, Govt. of India 42 months CIE/16-17/241/MUAY/SMSH Coordinator S. M. Shiva Nagendra (Civil), D. Jalihal (EE), N. J. Vasa (ED), K. Sulochana (CEC) Rs. 53,01,218/=
46 Development of Open Source Platforms and Capability Creation Initiative Sponsored research City Union Bank 12 months CR/16-17/CSE/001/CUBL/VKAM Coordinator None Rs. 1,00,000,000/=