About R.I.S.E. Group

    RISE Group was formed to explore various aspects of systems engineering with a focus on reconfigurable/adaptive systems, Machine learning, Re-inforcement Leanring, VLSI design and next generation computer architecture.

News and Updates

  • SHAKTI : The SHAKTI team has relased the complete RTL and verification environment of its out of order I-Class core.More details
  • Paper "SHAKTI-F: A Fault Tolerant Microprocessor Architecture" by Sukrat, Neel Gala and Prof. Kamakoti accepted in ATS 2015
  • Paper "Nonparametric Poisson Factorization Machine" by Avijith, Ayan Acharya, Joydeep Ghosh and Dr. Ravindran accepted in ICDM 2015
  • Paper "DFT Assisted Techniques for Peak Launch-to-Capture Power Reduction during Launch-On-Shift At-Speed Testing" by Seetal, Trinadh, Sobhan, Prof. Kamakoti and Dr. Nitin accepted in TODAES