Lightstor Storage Systems.

LightStor aims to build a comprehensive Storage and Backup system with unlimited size and bandwidth scalability using a RapidIO fabric. While other routable fabrics like Infiniband or quasi-fabrics like PCIe can be used, LightStor benefits are best demonstrated when RapidIO is used.

All components of LightStor, the HDL source for the controller HW (written in the Bluespec Language), device side stack, host side stack, Appliance VM stack and the design files for the PCBs are in open source allowing anyone to build an end to end exabyte class storage system. The system will be competitive in terms of performance and features with any proprietary system.

Phase 1 of the project will focus only on SSD/NVRAM based storage. Support for HDDs and storage tiering will be added in Phase 2. Both optical or copper cabling can be used in the RapidIO fabric but optical cabling is preferred.

LightStor is composed of 3 key building blocks

Storage Controller

  • Controller HW - Board design + HDL source (Bluespec/Chisel)
  • Open standard NAND flash modules (Board design)
  • Lightweight Linux with container based sandbox for User defined Functions
  • Linux sub-system (user+kernel), uses the OpenChannel SSD driver
  • Enhanced SSD functionality

NAND/NVM Device Controller

  • Open NAND/NVRAM array
  • Device controller HW (low level NVM functions + ONFI <--> SRIO bridge) (Board Design + Bluespec HDL)
  • Flash/NVM Driver (uses OpenChannelSSD enhanced NVMe driver)

Appliance Engine

  • Standard Server with SRIO HBA
  • OS Host stack (User space or Kernel space)
  • Lightstor Appliance environment (VM/Container)


  • Download Zip file: HERE
  • Link to bitbucket Repositories: HERE (Note: The SSD controller and RapidIO are in different repos)
  • Slides: HERE

Project Coordinators

Student Contributors

  • Gopinathan - Project Associate
  • Vishvesh - Project Associate


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