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M. Saravanan (2008)
Thesis title: Ontology-Based Retrieval and Automatic Summarization of Legal Judgments
Debarun Kar (2014) (Jointly with Dr. Sutanu Chakraborti)
Thesis title: Complexity Guided Feature Weighting, Confidence Augmented Prediction and Visualization for Case based Reasoning Systems

Karthick Rangadurai (2014)
Thesis title: Sequence Modelling to Detect Network Intrusions

K. V. N. Pradyot (2013)
Thesis title: Beyond Rewards: Learning from Richer Supervision

Priya Anna Mani(2012)
Thesis title: A Hierarchical Markov Logic Based Framework for Reasoning with Incomplete Visual Evidence

R. Vijayasarathy (2012)
Thesis title: A Systems Approach to Network Modelling for DDoS Attack Detection using Naive Bayes Classifier

S. Shivashankar (2012)
Thesis title: Multi-view based Approaches for Collective Learning and Retrieval Tasks

Abhishek Ghose (2012)
Thesis title: Supervised Lexical Chaining

A. Yousuf (2011)
Thesis title: Visual Object detection using Frequent Pattern Mining Abstract Thesis

Jyotika Bahuguna (2010) (IIIT Hyderabad, Jointly with Dr. Madhava Krishna)
Thesis title: A Markov Decision Process (MDP) framework for active localization

Dinakar Jayarajan (2009) (Jointly with Dr. Dipti Deodhare, CAIR)
Thesis title: Using Semantics in Document Representation: A Lexical Chains Approach Abstract Thesis

Sriram Raghavan (2007)
Thesis title: Distributed Algorithms for Hierarchical Area Coverage Using Teams of Homogeneous Robots</dd>

B. H. Sreenivasa Sarma (2007)
Thesis title: Intelligent Tutoring System using Reinforcement Learning

Vimal Mathew (2007)
Thesis title: Automated Spatio-Temporal Abstraction in Reinforcement Learning

Shravan Matthur Narayanamurthy (2007)
Thesis title: Abstraction using Symmetries in Markov Decision Processes

Aakanksha Gagrani (2007)(Jointly with Prof. Koshy Varghese, CE, IITM)
Thesis title: Image Modeling using Hierarchical Conditional Random Fields


Anuja Agrawal (Dual Degree), Google, Mountain View
Thesis title: Active Multi-View Learning with Performance Guarantees

Santhosh Kumar M. (Dual Degree), Google, Mountain View
Thesis title: Approximate Inference in Graphical Models using Convex Relaxations

Sai Nageswar Satchidanand
Winner, H. N. Mahabala Award for Best M.Tech. Thesis in Computer Science, IIT Madras
Thesis title: Multi-view, Multi-relation Transductive Inference

Pratik Gajane, PhD, INRIA, France
Thesis title: Studies in Bandit Problems

Aayush Vyas
Thesis title: Novel Applications of Network Centrality Measures

Peeyush Kumar (Dual Degree, AE/AM, Jointly with Prof. Manivannan, AM), PhD, University of Washington
Thesis title: Hierarchical Decision Making using Spatio-Temporal Abstraction in Reinforcement Learning

Priyatosh Mishra, PhD, IIT Madras
Thesis title: An Approach to Collaborative Filtering using Constrained Clustering and Multi-Armed Bandits

Swarnim Soni, Microsoft, Redmond
Thesis title: Speeding up Community Detection Algorithms in Social Network Analysis

Sharmistha Jat, Xerox Research Center India (XRCI), Bengaluru
Thesis title: Semi-Supervised Learning for Sentiment Analysis

Preetham V., MSIDC, Hyderabad
Thesis title: Reinforcement Learning in RoboCup Soccer

Arun Chaganty (Dual Degree)
Thesis title: Inter-Task Learning with Spatio-Temporal Abstractions

Adhiraj Alai (Dual Degree)
Thesis title: Coevolution of Structure and Strategy in Small World Graphs

Ananda Narayanan B (Dual Degree)
Thesis title: Control of Sample Complexity and Regret in Bandits using Fractional Moments

Divya Padmanabhan
Thesis title: Language Models for Protein Sequence Retrieval

S. Bharath
Thesis title: Approximate Entity Matching

G. Vignesh
Thesis title: Recommender Systems using Constrained Clustering and Contextual Bandits

P. Prathyush (Dual Degree)
Thesis title: Cognitive AI and Reinforcement Learning

Sheshank Dudyala (Dual Degree)
Thesis title: Parallel Implementations of Origami: A Representative Frequent Subgraph Mining Algorithm

Anunay Biswas (Dual Degree)
Thesis title: Shapley Value based Approach for Selecting Top-k Nodes for Viral Marketing

Rajesh Barua
Thesis title: Autonomous robot localization and navigation using an ensemble of sensors

Soni Hardik, K.
Thesis title: Classification of Execution Intervals of Program/Input pair using Cache Miss and Hidden Markov Model

Shashank Namdev
Thesis title: Building a Library for Text Processing with Hadoop

Aashish Dattani (Dual Degree)
Thesis title: Reducing Markov Decision Processes using Approximate Symmetries Synopsis

Angshu Rai (Dual Degree)
Thesis title: Intention Extraction From Microblogs

Sanjay Karanth (Dual Degree-EE)
Thesis title: Experiments in Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning

Girish Rao
Thesis title: Reducing Cache Misses by Data Pre-fetching in a Multi-core Architecture using Hidden Markov Models

Bala Murali Krishna
Thesis title: Network Sampling using Ego Centric Approach

Ka. Shrinivaasan (M.Sc., CMI, Jointly with Prof. Madhavan Mukund)
Thesis title: Few algorithms for ascertaining merit of a document and their applications

Kiran Kate
Thesis title: Positional Analysis of Social Networks

Hemang Mandalia [1]
Thesis title: Behavioral Analysis Of Telecomm Consumer

Manish Patil
Thesis title: Interactive Interface To Search Engine

Vijayalekshmi Kesavan
Thesis title: Active Learning For State Mapping

Vivek Gupta
Thesis title: Developmental Learning As Reinforcement Learning

Rachit Arora (Dual Degree)
Thesis title: Latent Dirichlet Allocation and Singular Value Decomposition based Multi-Document Summarization

Gagan Kumar Arora (Dual Degree)
Thesis title: Automated Feature Extraction From Retinal Images To Assist In Early Detection Of Diabetic Retinopathy

Somarjit Singh
Thesis title: Policy Learning in Partially Observable Environment

P. Swaminathan
Thesis title: Co-SOFT-Clustering-An Informatic Theoretic Approach To Obtain Overlapping Clusters From Co-occurrence

V. Karthik
Thesis title: A Communication And Positioning Platform for multi-agent systems

V. P. Murali Krishnan
Thesis title: Communication In Hierarchical Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning

I. V. Siva Prakash
Thesis title: Extrinsic Evaluation of Text Summarizers

V. Aravind
Ch. Rajesh
Thesis title: Information Extraction From Seminar Emails Using Hidden Markov Model

V. Sudhir
Thesis title: A Survey Of Various Probablistic Markov Models For Document Segmentation


Akshaya Sivakumar
Thesis title: Performance of Co-Training for Classification of Network Data

K. Rahul Reddy
Thesis title: A Comparitive Study of Multi-Label learning algorithms on the task of Text Categorisation

Phani Kishan
Thesis title: A Study of Classification Models for Angle Closure Glaucoma using Support Vector Machines

Shravan Shrinivas, B.
Thesis title: Distributed Methods for Computing Centrality using Shapley Values

Siva Prakash, K.
Thesis title: Distributed Methods To Solve Data Mining Algorithms Using MapReduce

Aditya Shankar
Thesis title: Sentiment analysis of Financial Documents

Komal Prajapathi, MSIDC, Hyderabad
Thesis title: Comparative analysis of various Reinforcement Learning techniques

S. Shonima
Thesis title: Models for Prediction of Angle Closure Glaucoma

K. Ravi Teja
Avinash P
Thesis title: Behavior Analysis Of Telecomm Data Through Social Networks

Deepthi Cheboli
Thesis title: Models For Detection Of Keratoconus

Dharmendra Katariya
Thesis title: Intent Searching By Hierarchical Classification Of Web Content

Pankaj Chand
Thesis title: Representation Of Tetris As A Reinforcement Learning Problem

Vipul Hattiwale
Thesis title: Intrusion Detection Using Hidden Markov Models

B. Dharrini
Thesis title: Personalized Search Using Contextual Dimensions

Aniket Ray
Thesis title: Models For Prediction Of Retinopathy Of Prematurity

Siddesh Karra
Thesis title: Information Extraction From Web Discussion Forums

Matthieu Aubrey (Exchange Student)
Pranjal Awasthi
Thesis title: Image Segmentation using Multiscale Conditional Random Fields

Himanshu Shirmali
Thesis title: Robot Navigation In Partially Observable Domains

P. Sriram
Thesis title: Intelligent Tutoring Systems

Jayaprakash Kommu
Thesis title: Developing The Functionality And Introducing Control Mechanism To Beam Robots(Scout Walker)

V. Muralidharan

E. Siva Sowmya
Thesis title: Placement And Routing Of 3D-FPGA using Reinforcement Learning and Support Vector Machines

Mansimar Aneja

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