Reinforcement learning reading group

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This meeting is a forum to discuss the recent work in reinforcement learning research. Students share interesting works they have come across.

Details of Meetings:

Aug 14, 2008 Introductory Meeting

Aug 20, 2008 HiPPo - Hierarchical POMDPs for Planning Information Processing and Sensing Actions on a Robot - Yousuf A

Sep 03, 2008 On the Hardness of Finding Symmetries in MDPs - B. Ravindran

Sep 24, 2008 The Witness Algorithm: Solving POMDPs - Yousuf A

Oct 01, 2008 An analysis of linear models, linear value-function approximation, and feature selection for reinforcement learning - Vijayalekshmi Kesavan

Oct 29, 2008 Feature-discovering Approximate Value Iteration Methods - Yousuf A

Nov 5, 2008 Deictic Option Schemas - B. Ravindran

Nov 26, 2008 Value directed compression of POMDPs - LN

Jan 15, 2009 Improving Activity Discovery with automatic neighborhood estimation - Yousuf A

Feb 24, 2009 An Empirical Analysis of Value Function-Based and Policy Search Reinforcement Learning - Shivaram

Mar 26, 2009 Object oriented RL - Vijayalekshmi

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