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1) What about the Robotic Conferences? Balaji can you add to this list?

2) It would be nice if I can sort it by different attributes.. that would need a DB at the back end. For e.g. Now it sorted by due dates. Makes it harder to look for a particular conference. If it can be sorted according to conference names, that would help. But the typical scenario is usually... what are the upcoming data mining conference submissions? For that I shd be able to first sort on category, and then on submission deadlines or conference dates. That is a painful thing to set up, but once and up and running, it can be used to support a Dept. wide facility. [This shd have the ability to tag conferences with multiple categories.] Any volunteers for this?

3) Missing: ICDE, COLING, KBCS, COMAD, ?? (Others fill in. You shd actually edit the list and fill in the details, if there is a conference you are interested in.)

4) ICDL. Development and Learning

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