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Program : M.S.(Research)

Research Guide :

Research Interests :

  • Deep Learning
  • Data Mining

Projects :
Currently I am working in collaboration with the Center of Excellence in Urban Transportation in IIT, Madras. I want to estimate the road traffic and correclty classify vehicles into 12 different types ranging from pedestrians to heavy trucks using live video stream from CCTV cameras. For this purpose I am trying to use concepts from Deep Learning.

Work Experience
Prior to join M.S. program in IIT Madras I worked for 2 years (6 months internship + 18 months full time job) with a product based company Safenet Infotech (Jan 2013 - Dec 2014). I was part of Development Team there and my work was in C language.

Courses Doing

  • Data Mining
  • Social Networks Analysis
  • Transportation Engineering-2

Contact : deepak242424[at]gmail[dot]com

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