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  • BuddiHealth - Queryable Knowledge Base for Medical Coding Taxonomy
    • Building an Ontology from Medical Coding Taxonomies like ICD, CPT.
    • Natural Language Processing & Information Extraction
    • Knowledge Representation and Inferencing
    • Machine Learning for Rules Induction
  • Ericsson - Customer Call Record Mining
    • This involves Social Network Analysis
    • Behavioral Analysis of telecom consumer
    • Graph Mining and Visualization
    • Clustering on large graphs and temporal analysis
  • Burning Glass - Resume matching models
    • This involves using topic models to match resumes to job postings.
    • Goal is to use the topic models to give a clustering on the resume space and use representatives of clusters to match against
  • Sankara Nethralaya - Ophthalmic data mining
    • Several sub-projects
      • RoP
      • Keratoconus
      • Diabetic Retinopathy
      • Glaucoma
    • Several aspects of ML/DM
      • Random Forests
      • MDS/Isomap
      • SV Regression
      • Image Processing
  • General Motors
    • Blog Mining for opinions
    • Use topic models and sequence models for sentiment modeling
  • Interactive Interface To Search Engine
    • It involves clustering on collection of text documents
    • Cluster representation

  • UKIERI - Textual CBR
    • Involved in retrieval of cases
    • Use topic models again
    • Possibly look at case revision
  • Utility Mining - Use decision making to drive pattern mining
    • Active learning
    • Original problem envisaged combining Decision Theory and Meta Learning
    • Make Data Mining Actionable
  • Deictic Representation - Selective attention in Reinforcement Learning
    • Computational models of indexical representations
    • Include memory in the models
    • Use Relativized options
  • Developmental learning
    • Options with exceptions
    • Intrinsically Motivated Learning
  • Blue tooth communication, localization and Control
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